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Human Resources development as a passion

Tailor-made learning experience in Europe and Asia

“In my many years in international HR and talent management, I have met many trainers and coaches. Only a few of them have convinced me as much as Frau Lüttringhaus and her team from ON.DG have.

“Collectively, we have developed a series of training courses based on our company’s competence model and implemented it as a tailor-made learning experience in Europe and Asia, which is already very successful in its third year, receives the best feedback from our employees and managers and is clearly effective in the long run.”

Doris Teichmann, Director Human Resources Europe, Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG.
Kautex has received the excellence label of Talent Management of the German Education Prize 2015.

With us there is “nothing off the shelf”

A working example:

What competencies are key to the company’s success? Many successful companies work with competence models.

We also make them perceptible and visible – with the management and the employees.

At Kautex Textron, 5 individual training modules were developed based on 7 competencies, enabling both the managers and the employees to be able to embody these competences.

Identify and develop talents

Successful talent management is growing more and more important. The role of leadership is crucial – as a talent scout and coach, they are a key function in the development of talents.

  • Leadership and leadership skills
  • Leadership styles and personal leadership style analysis, including personality profiles (Insights and Innermetrix)
  • Identify talents and develop their potential
  • Career management conversations and succession planning
  • Create development plans in a structured manner
  • Coaching as a management tool


Goal-oriented leadership with effective performance management

Performance Management is the art of making employees and teams the best they can be. Performance management is therefore one of the most important management tasks – and at the same time the most challenging as the demands regarding quantity and quality are steadily increasing. In the training, you will learn to systematically develop and maintain performance and competence expansion.

  • Roles of leadership
  • Problem-solving competency as a continuous improvement process
  • Define motivating goals
  • Realistically assess performance
  • Use coaching tools to develop competences in a targeted manner – lead critical employee discussions
  • Systematically deal with performance deficiencies – the stairs of escalation
  • The success factors of virtual and local power teams

Be yourself and be effective – effective leadership

In this training it is about having time for the essentials – namely your most important leadership tasks. This ranges from the personal effectiveness to the design of your personal area of ​​responsibility and influence.

  • Quality time – more time for the essentials
  • “Eliminate waste” – personal inventory
  • Case study with practical examples
  • Internal impulses: targeted causes research
  • Make the right decisions (including “taking smart risks”)
  • Effective meetings (culture and foundations)
  • Transfer to the workplace