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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all your enquiries

Where can I find my course?

Once you have logged in with your login details, you will be redirected to your courses. Alternatively, you hover on the upper right hand menu (‘Hi, [Your name]’) and select ‘My Courses’.

How can I see my answers?

Visit the Student Dashboard page to view your quiz results and assignments. To go to the Student Dashboard page, hover over your name on the upper right corner and select ‘My Previous Answers’. Then, click on ‘View Student Report’.

Where are my answers saved?

Your answers are saved exclusively under “Courses”. They are not stored directly in the previously described answer field. This means that as soon as you have finalized your answer, it will NOT be displayed in the answer field when you repeatedly call up the reflection task, but exclusively under “Courses”.

How can I download my answers?

You can easily download your answers as CSV or Excel file in the right column “Download Report”. You can either download the individual answers or alternatively download all answers at the bottom of the green highlighted field under “Export all”.

Why can’t I continue/skip in the course?

All courses should be completed in chronological order. To do this, it is essential to click the grayed-out “Mark Complete” button after each completed program item. Otherwise, you will not be able to progress further in your Learning Journey.

I have forgotten my password/I cannot log-in. What can I do?

Check your mails again and look for the access data we sent you. When copy-pasting, make sure that you do not include any spaces. If the login still does not work, please send us an email to

What is a pitstop?

A Pitstop is a live facilitated online classroom to share learnings, deepen your understanding of the content and sometimes interactive groupwork.

When is the next course date?

You will find a Learning Journey at the beginning of each course where all dates are included. Alternatively, you can check your mailbox. For each date we send an electronic invitation.

How can I change the language of the subtitles in the videos?

The language of the subtitles can be changed at the bottom right under “cc”.